Terms & Conditions

Products and or Services will be known as ‘Products’ or ‘Product’

This website has a large number of Affiliate ‘Products’. Which are ‘Products’ that are sold by a third party. These third party people or businesses are known as Affiliates.

Affiliates for a ‘Product’ are not the owners or service providers for those ‘Products’. Affiliates are only sales agents and are Not liable or responsible in anyway for these ‘Products’.

All ‘Products’ advertised on this website are sold and are warranted by the ‘Products’ owner. Not the Affiliates of the ‘Products’.

There is No liability for the Affiliate who is listing these ‘Products’. Likewise there is No liability for the website site owners or representatives that offer these ‘Products’ for sale on this website.

When you choose to purchase a ‘Product’. You will be taken to a website to purchase that ‘Product’. Specific Terms and Conditions for each ‘Product’ is available from the specific website that the final purchase is made. Not this website.

Purchases made on the Ebay Platform are subject to Ebay’s User Agreement

Purchases made on Amazon Platform are subject to Amazon’s Conditions of Use & Sale

Other ‘Products’ sold are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Product’s owner. These Terms and Conditions should be available on the website the final purchase is made.



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